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​(depending on the nature of the crime committed)


You may also report your information by downloading the P3TIPS  app to your phone and be able to solve local crimes while on the move.  

​​​​​(If you do not have access to a computer or smart phone, you may call 1-866-411-8477 to provide your tip)

Crime Solvers (also known as Crime Stoppers in some jurisdictions) first began in Albuquerque, NM during July 1975, which saw the fatal shooting of Michael Carmen while he was working one night at a local filling station. After two weeks the police had no information when out of desperation Detective Greg MacAleese approached the local television station requesting a reconstruction of the crime. The re-enactment offered $1,000.00 US for information leading to the arrest of the killers.

​Since its first chapter was officially formed in Albuquerque in 1976, Crime Stoppers in the United States has been responsible for more than half a million arrests and more than US$4 billion in recovered property. Crime Solvers of Montgomery County MD was established in 1978 as the first in the Washington, DC metro area. Crime Solvers of Montgomery County MD is celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2013.

Taken and edited from the Crime Stoppers Wikipedia page

I spent most of my professional career in law enforcement as an FBI Agent in Montgomery County. I know firsthand the value of the service  Crime Solvers of Montgomery County provides.

Any law enforcement officer  will tell you that the most critical element necessary to solve a criminal case is information. The police use many different investigative techniques to develop the information necessary to solve cases. In some cases, obtaining the critical information can be as easy as answering the telephone. A call from an informant who knows who committed the crime, how the crime was committed and where the perpetrator is located can reduce the time and effort police must spend to solve a crime.

However, most citizens who find themselves in the position of having this kind of information are reluctant to call the police fearing that they will be identified and could be subjected to reprisals from the person or persons who committed the crime. It is in these very situations that Crime Solvers of Montgomery County can play an important role. We provide a toll free phone number, and by issuing unique identification numbers, can guarantee anonymity to the caller. Actionable information is immediately forwarded to the police for review and investigation. If it results in an arrest and indictment, the caller is entitled to a reward of up to $10,000 and can collect that reward without identifying him or herself. A win/win for everyone except the bad guys..

Should you care to help, the Crime Solvers Montgomery, MD is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and donations and sponsorships are tax deductible. All board members are volunteers and the reward fund is funded only through your financial assistance. See the “Donate” button below for further information on how you can help stamp out crime in Montgomery County.

I am proud and grateful for the opportunity to volunteer my time to an organization that provides direct assistance to law enforcement to remove those that commit criminal acts from our streets. Thank you for your interest in Crime Solvers!

Rick Potocek  


Crime Solvers Vision Statement
To be a resource that assists law enforcement in reducing crime in Montgomery County. We will do so through the establishment of partnerships between the community, business and government. These partnerships will provide the tools needed to manage a communication network that allows people to be protected when they provide anonymously information on criminal acts. This information will help to solve crimes, reduce violence and provider a stronger and safer community in Montgomery County.

​Crime Solvers Mission Statement
To be an organization comprised of volunteer civic minded citizens who aim to work in partnership with the community and law enforcement. This partnership will help to reduce crimes and streamline communication between law enforcement and the community. We will do so by providing an anonymous crime information system to citizens. Thus allowing us to help reduce crime and strengthen communities in Montgomery County.